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The Seignior in Armor Valor

We’ll give you some tips to become a master of this game. The main asset in your game is your Seignior.

The Seignior is an important unit, you can assign any Hero to be it. But be careful: if your Seignior is captured it can be executed and leave your kingdom defenseless. 

Level up your Seignior to be able to equip them with better items. Getting experience quickly is crucial, and Quests are not a bad way of obtaining it, but not the most efficient. The quickest way possible would be PvP! Of course, players can also try to Hunt Monster or challenge Dungeons if PvP is not your cup of tea.    

The equipment of your Seignior will boost the power of the Troops immensely. After crafting, players can also embed gems to make their Seignior even more powerful! However, you must embed Gems with a strategy in mind. Embedding the right gems can also improve the Troops! Hunting Monsters is the best way of obtaining equipment crafting materials and gems, so remember to go hunting! Moreover, you will be able to receive other items and rewards.

 In battles, if all your troops are killed, your Seignior will be captured. To prevent that from happening, the Hidden Troop option is your best shot! If you are not confident about the power of your Seignior, you can protect him by hiding in the Warehouse!

We hope these tips were useful for you. Thank you for reading!