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Game Introduction

About Armor Valor

Armor Valor is a fantasy real-time SLG perfectly mixed with the RPG feature! This is a fantasy world full of ambitious lords dreaming of building up the mightiest kingdom. Given a castle, you as a lord must use your wisdom to increase military power by developing your castle, summoning heroes, gathering resources, and tackling all challenges. Join it now and start establishing your strong leadership!


▼ENJOY the best of RPG and Strategy Game

Despite the classic SLG features including resource gathering and city building, powerful heroes will also be an enjoyable part of the gameplay.

▼ SUMMON mythical heroes

Under the name of "Lord", summon hundreds of mythical heroes and form a powerful army. 

▼ EXPLORE a beautiful world based on Norse mythology

Slay the Monsters in the wild exploration and rein the formidable Dragon.

▼ASSEMBLE your friends to build a Guild with an aim at the Throne

Compete against global players and fight for the throne.

▼ IMMERSIVE gaming experience 

Great graphics and melodious background music take you into a world of war.