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Armor Valor - Lore

Brettchill, a civilization built upon magic, rises in the southeast of Magmel, a land in prosperity. This once tranquil land rages an endless war as the kingdom has been fortified and strengthened over the years, yet its military power is starting to grow shorter in numbers.

While the kingdom's crusade nearly reunified the south, frictions intensified in the north. Elves and Dwarves formed alliances against humankind, trying to put an end to this war. This new army defeated the human army, stopping their invasion and expansion plans. However, humankind focussed its energy on technological and industrial advancement. Magic gadgets, arcane arks, drone carriers and several other new gadgets helped humanity explore the continent efficiently, discovering resources and sites previously unknown.

And in one of those travels to an unknown land, they discovered a new race, the Orcs. These merciless creatures that doubled any human in size and had extraordinary strength, captured and slain all but one explorer, just to warn the human race that their ancestral lands should not be desecrated. 

Meanwhile, in Brettchill, a group of clerics dressed with a black woven cape ornated with a golden skull rushed to the capital, McLinton. They presented the king with a stolen relic, a Shard of the Lost Paradise, an artifact rumoured to summon and command wailing ghosts and demons from hell. King Levitan took the Relic in his hand, and clearly nervous, returned to the Throne room, away from preying eyes. "With this, we declare war against the Orcs!" he was heard saying as he exited the hall.

What are the Orcs protecting and what other secrets are hidden in this vast land? It will be up to you to discover!