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Advanced Tactics of Armor Valor

How to obtain more resources?

Beginners often feel they lack resources after developing their Territories in the early stages. It is a good time to pay attention to your Quests, if you finish your Quests you can receive great amounts of resources.

Strategy for Early Game

Are you still worried about the development of your Territory? Here are some suggestions.

Events will be unlocked when the Castle reaches Lv.6. There you will find Today's Event, Hell Event and Solo Event. Check the descriptions of the events and choose the most suitable one to develop your Territory. You will also receive lots of valuable items in different events.

The Use of the Warehouse

My Lord has been captured again! What should I do?

Most beginners will have to face this situation, here are some tips to avoid having your Lord captured.

There is a building called Warehouse in your Territory. As long as the Lord is in the Warehouse, it is safe. But you can only protect them there for a short period of time. If you want to protect your Lord, remember to check how much time you have left.

In addition to protecting the Lord, the Warehouse can also protect the Soldiers from being attacked.

The Use of Hidden Troop

Training Soldiers costs lots of resources. Which is the best way to protect them? There’s different ways.

It’s recommended to join a good Guild and make sure there’s a Guild member with the Blessing Shield near your Territory.

In addition to hiding Soldiers in the Warehouse, you can also send Soldiers to a Guild member’s Territory with the Blessing Shield. There, they will be protected.